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Crochet fabric factory right now

Stretch rhinestone fabric manufacturer right now: We also cooperate with many apparel companies to develop different types of fashion fabrics, including GIII, Zara, C&A, Polo, DDS, and so on. Every week we will provide old customers with new novelty fabrics. We are always careful in product quality, we customize fabrics for customers, from sample analysis, to pre-production sample development, and bulk production, we strictly control each process, and our production management people are responsible for each product. Fabric products need many processes which are jointly controlled by machines and people. Therefore, production control people are particularly important to find and solve problems in the first time, so as to gain more time and optimal solutions for customers. Thank you for your visiting Jiede Textile. We hope our professional knowledge and production control ability can help you solve all your needs and problems in fabrics, whether it is fashion fabrics with complex processes or large-scale fabrics. We can all meet your needs. Discover many more info at

Printing can be divided into reactive printing and pigment printing: Reactive printing: printing formed by using reactive dyes to penetrate into the fabric; Pigment printing: the printing formed by covering the fabric with paint. Reactive printing fabrics have bright colors, good color fastness, soft hand feeling, long-washing and non-fading; paint printing and dyeing is to dye and print the fabric after weaving, generally easy to fade. There are many options for printing patterns. Printing is mainly used in cellulose fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. The jacquard fabric has fine and smooth texture, good gloss, good hand feeling, good drape and air permeability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing), no deformation, no fading, and good comfort. Compared with printed and embroidered fabrics , The jacquard process is more complicated and the cost is higher.

Lace lace refers to the fabric that the top cloth uses various kinds of lace, the middle uses TPU or PTFE, and the bottom cloth uses velvet fabrics such as corduroy and polar fleece. It is a more popular fabric in recent years. Some people who are familiar with lace may ask that the style and quality of lace are really good. Lace lace is not rare in our life, and it is used more and more in all walks of life. It plays a very important role in providing people’s taste of life and increasing the interest of life. Therefore, lace plays a very important role.

Advantages of lace fabric: First: lace lace is relatively thin, even if it is multi-layer design will not feel very thick, thin reasons will also give a cool feeling, and this design is inclined to sweet feeling. Second: because of its light and transparent texture, lace fabric has elegant and mysterious artistic effect and is widely used in women’s close fitting clothes. Ordinary lace: soft and loose, general elasticity, no three-dimensional sense, unclear pattern, and impermeable lace. Basically, one or two washing starts to run out of spandex.

Crochet fabric is one kind of knitted fabric, it has many different kinds, including crochet net fabric, crochet lace fabric, crochet jacquard fabric, crochet stretch fabric and so on. Crochet can be used for garment, fashion dress, home textile, cushion, curtain an so on. It has different kinds of composition including polyester cotton, 100% cotton, 100%polyester, and polyester with spandex. As one of the high quality crochet fabric manufacturers, we have many different patterns and design styles and can provide customized services of crochet fabric and related fabrics according to customer needs. Crochet mesh fabric is a circular cutout design made with specialized hooks. The unique beauty of this fabric comes from its handmade appearance, adding texture and visual interest to any design. Read more details at

Chiffon fabric customized, where to choose? Chiffon has always been one of the main fabrics for women’s wear in summer. Xiaobian also likes Chiffon very much. It is very light and thin, especially when it is made into a skirt, it is very elegant and flexible. However, chiffon is basically transparent. It needs to be bottomed when wearing, which is really a headache in summer. Perspective clothes were very popular before. I really didn’t dare to try. Chiffon fabrics include 30d, 75D, 100D, 120d, etc. the larger the D value, the thicker the fabric. It is a chemical fiber fabric, so sometimes it feels a little dry. The fabric can not only be dyed and printed, but also be embroidered, bronzed, wrinkled, etc.

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