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High quality butterfly knife online store Kyiv, Ukraine

High quality knives online shopping Kyiv: Online store is not just a place where knives are sold. It really is a Knife Club. Our mission: we offer the largest range of quality knives at the best prices. We are very careful in choosing the assortment presented on the site, meticulously choose a supplier and get the most favorable conditions from him, so that our customers receive such knives as Kizer, Real Steel and others at the best prices in the world. See more details on

Mora Knives are all made in Morakniv, Sweden. They’ve been making knives since 1891, producing some of the highest quality knives on the market, everything from entry level knives to the one highlighted at the show, the Mora Garberg with survival kit. The Garberg has been out for a few years. It has a high-quality stainless steel blade and full tank with polymer grip. What makes this one different is that it comes with a ferro rod and knife sharpener on the polymer sheath with leather belt loop. OCASO is out of Southern California, launched just 4 months ago. The idea behind the brand is to create an executive-style, light, slick-looking knives that you can carry in a suit or dress pant. They are working with some great knife designers.

In other parts of the world – even before the complete collapse of the Roman empire – several cultures had developed their own versions of compact folding knives. For example, the Vikings created their own swiveling friction folders with iron blades and carved bone handles around the 8th to the 11th centuries. In fact, it is said that these kinds of folding knives – also known as penny, peasant, or farmer knives – were a popular tool throughout both the Viking and Medieval periods, especially amongst craftsmen and in agrarian communities.

Do you have a butterfly knife with blunt edges so I don’t cut myself while I’m learning tricks? What we have, especially for training, are butterfly balisong trainers, which have neither edges nor a point, but at the same time act like real butterfly knives. What does “tossing” a butterfly knife mean? The basic concept of maneuvering a knife is for the sliding movement of one handle and blade, and the twist of the wrist, to actually rotate the handle you are holding.

Buck Knives: Though the first Buck Knife was made in 1902, it wasn’t until 1961 that Buck Knives became an incorporated company. In 1963, Al Buck – son of the late Hoyt Buck – created their Model 110 Folding Hunter pocket knife. It is still one of the most popular models they offer today. Buck Knives had gone through a period where they sourced much of their business overseas, but have since been trying to find ways to move production back to the USA. Today, they manufacture about 80% of their knives out of their Idaho facility. They also offer a limited “forever” warranty on all of their products.

Buck kept everything people love about the classic Buck 110: It has a tried-and-true back lock design. The neutral handle shape with textured handle scales makes for a comfortable and secure grip in wet or dry conditions. The hollow ground blade is a real slicer. I love that Buck updated this knife and kept the manufacturing here in the U.S., which is rare for knives in this price category. If you’re on a tight budget but still want quality, it’s going to be very hard to beat this updated classic.

Bear & Son is a mostly US-made company out of Alabama, in operation since 1991. They make different variations of traditional, butterflies, and automatic knives. The most interesting knife they identified is in their Widow series of butterfly/balisong knives. It has a spiderweb on a red blade, something different they came up with to draw attention. Their butterfly knives have always had a zinc handle, but this year they remodeled them to have stainless steel handles with bronze phosphorous washers, and they’re now screwed together instead of riveted.

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