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Custom cup sleeves supplier 2024

Disposable cup sleeves wholesale manufacturer today: Our current product technology R&D team is close to 20 people, with 15 invention patents, 58 utility model patents, and more than 100 product appearance patents, and has won the German Red Dot Award, IF Award, and many other national awards. Since we have strict quality requirements for our products in order to ensure that each product produced by Uchampak is stable and qualified. We have invested in more than 20 special quality testing equipment to do 7*24 hours of continuous testing for printing, paper, adhesion, load-bearing tension, and other issues that users care about when using. Find even more information on custom cup sleeves.

Uchampak paper cup sleeve is suitable for any cup type. American coffee and freshly brewed coffee are often very hot when they are just made, It is necessary to put a coffee cup sleeve on the outside of the paper cup, which has the effect of heat insulation and non-slip. Disposable cup sleeves are perfect for adding your specific brand to your hot drinks. This way you can create custom cup sleeves without spending a fortune, reducing costs and increasing impact. Likewise, custom cup sleeves are great for adding a festive touch to your cup. Create designs for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas and decorate your mug in style. As a paper cup jacket manufacturer, Uchampak supports OEM&ODM. The color, size, shape and printing pattern can be customized. We can make single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer and corrugated cup sleeves with reliable quality.

Uchampak In-depth analysis of the actual needs of target customers, combined with its own advantages resources, successfully developed Customized plastic coffee cup sleeves for packing. Compared with other similar Anhui, China products in the market, paper cup,coffee sleeve,take away box,paper bowls,paper food tray etc. it can be very stable and long-lasting when applied in the field(s) of Paper Cups. Hefei Yuanchuan Packaging Technology Co.Ltd. always adhere to the principle of ‘creating values for customers and bringing benefits to stakeholders’. In the process of development, we highly focus on the quality and ensure no flawless product delivered to customers. Discover extra details at

We live in a Paper Packaging world, and Paper Packaging Box is closely related to our clothing, food, housing and transportation. Many of the clothes and shoes we buy in the store are packaged in paper boxes, but the names of these packaging boxes are different. Paper Packaging Box can occasionally bring surprises to us on special festivals, but we call this paper box Paper Gift Box, and our life is more romantic and passionate because of Paper Gift Box. Nowadays, Paper Packaging Box is changing our life a little bit, food delivery, express logistics, every brand that wants to be outstanding is constantly changing the product carton packaging they use, the more purpose is to get everyone recognition, let people remember this brand from their minds. For example, the environmentally friendly carton packaging used by KFC, the luxury carton packaging used by international brands such as Chanel and Dior, etc., these packaging can be recognized at a glance and plant a good yearning for life in people’s hearts.

Flexibility in Printing and Customization: The surface of the foldable gift box presents a canvas ripe for artistic expression and brand representation. The adaptability of these boxes to various printing methods, including the precision of gravure printing, the versatility of offset printing, and the classic appeal of letterpress printing, makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression. This flexibility in printing means that no matter the complexity or subtlety of the design, it can be effectively rendered on these boxes. Additionally, the options for photo-engraving and detailed patterns or wording enhance their visual appeal, turning a simple box into a piece of art that can elevate the perceived value of the product inside and aid in marketing and promotional efforts.

With the increasing development of the Internet, Investment in online shops is lower. So self-employed and small businesses that open online shops have also risen. How to avoid the damage of the goods during the delivery is a problem that must be considered, so more and more businessmen will choose relatively low cost and cost-effective corrugated boxes. They are the first choice for shipping packing boxes. In addition, because it can print information such as store name and address, it can improve customers’ awareness of the brand and Improve the connection between customers and businessmen. Compared with an ordinary carton, the corrugated box is more refined. As a leading corrugated box manufacturer & supplier, we have top quality corrugated mailer box & currugated carton box, welcome to get a quote!

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