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Home care services in Utrecht, NL with

High quality child care provider in Amersfoort? Provinding a 24-hour service is a heavy way of care services for every care-institution. Also we call this intensive care service. In this situation the client remains at home, but shares his/her living environment with the healthcare servers. It is a rather expensive way of care. Healthcare Ernestine acts as a small care service home. Care in one’s own house is trusty and pleasant. The ambition of the client stands focussed and the safety remains secured. A care plan is drawn up, which is completely based on the need of care of the client. The plan is kept up in a scenario, which is permanently adapted to the physical and mental condition of the client. Discover more information at Thuiszorg Utrecht.

We are pleased to work with close family in order to secure the care of your beloved. We discuss what we expect from you during the care and what you may expect from us, the Care. Your are safeguarded by a regular team consisting of maximum 9 people. The team has a weekly discussion about the course of the care. We draw up a care plan in the form of a scenario, aimed on the present situation and with goals for the (near) future in order to make this phase of life as pleasant as possible. Healthcare Ernestine has admittance to its own medical advisor: a medical doctor in her Supervisory Board. In case of unforeseen problems this doctor may always be asked for advice or a second opinion, but he will never take over the treatment. Healthcare Ernestine works with professionals. They know better how to act with our Tender Love and Care terminal care accompaniment. We hope that our new students may occasionally run along, but only with your permission.

Thuiszorg Ernestine is a private healthcare organization, which has been founded in 2005 and provides care in the whole of The Netherlands. You can submit your request for care directly to us. We distinguish ourselves from other home care organizations by organizing small scale care for our clients. We prefer co-operation with the family, friends and other supporters. In such a way, the care remains clearly structured for all participants and our client has the best chance to find a personal way in her or his new situation. We can offer you well motivated en well qualified servants.

Nursing care: For a long or short period you can enlist the services of an experienced and qualified BIG registered nurse, who is allowed to carry out limited medical actions. Family support: Healthcare Ernestine supplies care to people in difficult times. If necessary, we take care of: the application of domestic affairs, the care of the children, the care of the domestic pets.

We work with an individually committed budget (PGB) for people from the CIZ (Centre Indicating Care). If you have a private insurance for homecare, you can also be served by us. The expense account of “Healthcare Ernestine” will be determined and applied according to statutoryigations, namely the “CAO for nurse- and carehomes and for the healthcare”. (A result has been accomplished for the “CAO for nurse- and carehomes and for the healthcare”. From of the first of January there is no separate CAO any more for the healthcare, but one CAO VVT. And of course you can also buy care from us privately, without the restrictions as mentioned above. Read extra info at here.

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