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Urban Cloud is an innovative social network that unites people on a platform designed to promote collaboration. We have focused on five key areas of innovation:

Innovative Design – Urban Cloud is the world’s first social media platform that seamlessly unites social networking and marketing.
Positive Reinforcement – Urban Cloud features a unique reward system, through which a user can accumulate points for interacting with a business. These can be redeemed for rewards to build brand loyalty and recognize social influencers all at once. Retailing - Each and every user can play a role in effortless and seamless retailing of virtual goods and services using Urban Cloud.
Native Advertising – Urban Cloud uses a proprietary algorithm called STAC (Space, Time, Active, Content) to blend advertising into a user’s social timeline.
Validation – Urban Cloud is able to weed out unverified and fake/spam user accounts, allowing for an enhanced social media experience for advertisers and users.

Only half of what Urban Cloud will do has been released (and we’ve only developed another 20% of the idea). The rest is being given over to the people; their voices will influence what features are implemented next and how the cloud develops.

We are uniting people, at the center of an internet revolution; having launched a crow dfunding campaign on Indiegogo we are putting Urban Cloud’s future into the hands of the world. The community will be transforming the platform through their collaborated ideas, and influencing the direction Urban Cloud takes.

We are currently at the prototype stage of development, and have just launched our second iteration of the website. It allows users to create an account, post content and collaborate to improve the Urban Cloud experience for all.

We will also be periodically releasing improvements as the site develops and are set to launch in October.

“Businesses out there need this in their lives and we are proud to be a part of it from the onset. Look forward to the future of social business enterprise” – Chris Charalambous, Global Creative Director QUINTESSENTIALLY CREATIVE / LIFESTYLE

“Urban Cloud provides a fantastic platform for contemporary design led brands to reach out to a new target audience. The design of the site is cutting edge and informative. I cannot wait for the mobile app and for Urban Cloud to cover cities globally” – Dheeraj H.R Harjani, International Franchise Director AFTERSHOCK, LONDON.

Notes to editors

The Urban Cloud team:
Edward Heywood – A social science undergraduate at Queen Mary University, specialising in network theories. The initial Urban Cloud concept came out of his research and the problems that he identified.

Peregrine Park – At 15, Peregrine was interning as a software developer for a European Space Agency mission. From there his computing skills flourished as he studied Computer Engineering at Imperial College London, before working with the Business Intelligence Reporting Services team at Microsoft.

Sharan Soni – A national chess player since the age of 11, Sharan has worked to great effect in real estate management and development, and today is reading towards a degree in Business Management at King’s College London.

Additional Material

The Urban Cloud Infographic detailing the current social media landscape, the flaws associated with existing platforms and the solution, Urban Cloud: http://visual.ly/state-social-media-0.

To view our promotional and crowd funding videos, go to: http://www.youtube.com/urbancloudnetwork
For more information on our crowd funding campaign visit: http://www.igg.me/at/urbancloud

Name: Sharan Soni Tel: +44 (0)7595 626 402 Urban Cloud Network Limited
Name: Edward Heywood Tel: +44 (0)7515 518 556 http://www.urbancloud.com/
180 Brompton road, London, SW3 1HQ

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